More Excel musings

This is a new one on me.  I had never noticed this before but it seems like it has been in place since Excel 2013.  If you ctrl-click a cell and then ctrl-click it again it is “multiselected” and starts to darken. The more you click the darker it gets. Really cool way to change the formatting for a cell, right? Wrong, as soon as you click else where (not ctrl-click) it goes back to its original shading. So what does it do?  According to kb2769340 it is used to show and highlight cells.  Okay… The problem is it also breaks the copy column/row rule. If you are selecting numerous cells and accidentally click one twice Excel does not know how to handle this and you will get an error (“This action won’t work on multiple selections).  Kinda frustrating… hope this “feature” gets removed in favor of something more user-friendly