Measuring boot times

People always want to know if their PC is running as fast as it used to.  The quickest and easiest way to do that is by seeing how long the PC takes to boot.  This is not the best way – easy is not usually the best.

If you want a real way to measure performance you need tools.  Real tool. Enter Sysinternals. A suite of tools that really does the job.  The one we will look at here is Process Monitor

  1. download the app
  2. Start Process Monitor
  3. Reset the view to default
  4. Click Capture to stop the current trace
  5. Deselect the events you dont want to log
  6. Click filter then Drop Filtered Event
  7. Go to Options and enable boot logging
  8. do not enable thread profiling events
  9. Click OK and the PC will restart

Now we look at the reboot

  1. go back into Process Monitor
  2. Reset filter if needed
  3. Save the trace
  4. Click tools then Process Tree
  5. Click in the far left for Idle
  6. Note the clock time
  7. Now in the process tree look for LogonUI
  8. Note the time stamp

Comparing these two time stamps really gives you an accurate measure!


Happy Nerdings!!