Cool things to try with the Creator update

Its been out for a while now…

Ive been playing…

Check out some cool new things

  1. Dynamic Lock – you can set a Bluetooth device to lock your PC when you leave the room.  It is found in the Settings- Account sign in section
  2. Storage Sense – keep your system free from temp files.  It removes unused temp files and cleans out the recycle bin after 30 days.  It is found in Settings- System- Storage Sense
  3. Disk Cleanup – Not new but can be used to clean up the files left over after the upgrade to the Creator Update
  4. Verbose Restart – Get more information on when an restart is needed.  It is found in System – Updates and Security
  5. Active hours – now can be up to 18 hours of no-shut-down-im-gaming-or-working-time.  Found in System- Update and Security