Dealing with SCCM pushes

It happens.  The best software in the world has issues at times.  So it should come as no surprise that SCCM software pushes can have issues at times.  Here are some quick and easy things to check if you run into issues

  1. There is a log file (of course there is) for that!  Check the push log c:/windows/logs/software.  In here you will see logs for all the pushed applications. If you (when) you find the one in question just scroll all the way down to the bottom.  Exit code 0 means successful, Exit code 7 means a reboot is needed. Any other code means there was an issue.  Look up the relevant code and go from there
  2. Clear the cache and start over. To do this go to Control Panel -> Configuration Manager.  Launch the applet and go to the Cache tab and (once you enter admin creds) you will be allowed to clear the cache.  Now, if this does not work you can always go to c:/windows/ccmcache.  You will need creds here as well.  Both these steps basically do the same thing but the Control Panel portion is more elegant.
  3. Once you have done first two steps you may need to re-push the application. From All Programs -> Microsoft System Center-> Software Center try and push the application.  you may need to click on the “install additional software” link in the top right corner if you don’t see it listed
  4. If none of the above have worked and you have waited and tried several reboots you can always resort to good ole gpudate /force from the command line


Happy deploying!