Backing up WIndows 8 Part 2- File History

Here is another post as I delve into Windows 8 backups.  There is a great feature called “File History”.  As you will know from my previous post I am looking into using “Previous Versions”.  I still have not gotten to any conclusions about that but did run across this gem in the process.  This is another built in backup system for Windows 8.  All you need is an external source to store the historical data.  It can be stored on a direct attached device like an external hard drive or a USB key or it can be saved to a network location like a file server or a NAS. Once you give it a location, Windows 8 will do all the dirty work for you: it will copy all your files over to the storage location.
To turn on “File History” you will need to go to:
Control Panel (small icons)->File History or
Control Panel (Category)-> System and security-> File History

To turn “File History” on you will need to give it a location to which you wish to save your file history.  Once you pick the location and give it enough time to start storing your file history you will see a list of options

file history

This is one place you can do a restore.  The other – and much more convenient location – is on the file explorer ribbon.  This does imply, of course, that you have the ribbon showing on your file explorer- if not just click the down arrow in the top right corner to see the ribbon.  And there, in the middle of the ribbon, in the “Open” tab you will see that the “History” icon is now available for use once you select a file or a folder.

file explorer ribbon 2