Backing up WIndows 8 Part 1 – System backups

How do I backup my PC?  Seems a bit like the answer should be obvious, right… Well, it is not all that obvious as it turns out.  I started to write this post with the intention of talking about the “Previous Versions” feature of Windows 8 but hit a stumbling block: before doing any testing I always try to run a backup.  So I went to the Modern interface and using the awesome “type anywhere” feature I just started typing “backup”.  I reported back twice for file history but there was nothing for backups per se.  Odd… Microsoft would not have overlooked such a core items as backing up would they!?

Thankfully the answer is no- it has not been overlooked.  If you open control panel there are 2 ways to find the backup:

1) if you are using the large/small icons then look all the way down at the bottom of the list and you will see “Windows 7 File Recovery” – No, that was not a typo it is actually called “Windows 7 File Recovery”
2) If you are using the category view you have to navigate to “system and security” then “file history” and look down in the bottom left corner there you will see “Windows 7 File Recovery” – hidden but still working just like expected

Stay tuned for the “previous versions blog entry 🙂