Phil Spencer is my hero!

I have been very lucky.  I have a family, wife, a home, friends and a great job.  On that list I also include the fact that I am an MVP and got to play with Hololens at OpenDay last year.  What a cool device.  It runs an Augmented Reality (AR) or Moxed Reality (MR) depending on who you ask. It overlays computer generated images onto real world physical space. It can be as simple as putting a dancing hippo in your living room or asa meaningful as projecting part usage in mechanical devices so you can see what parts have reached or exceeded life usage specs.  This is not news.

This is: IT WILL ALSO RUN GAMES.  Okay, I dont work in a mechanical factory and I do own my own hippo already so this is easily the coolest thing this geek has heard in a while. The coolest part:  VR is limited based on where you are.  AR/MR is not – the monsters can follow you anywhere!  Now that Pokemon Go has thinned out the herd of people who cant multitask we will be able to play these devices anywhere!!

Game industry has always been a huge driver in terms of financials. Hopefully this will further bolstering funding, support and usage for a superior device that may get left by the way side. Hopefully us gamers can do what we have done in the past: use technology so much that everyone else sees and wants to use – we pull them with us.

Gamers unite!