Recore: blurs the line between Xbox and PC

A game is making huge head lines. No, not for its amazing graphics (which it has tons of from the screen shots I’ve seen). No, not for its pedigree (which includes classic Mega Man and the awesome Dead Rising). Neither for the choice of a female protagonist (which is great also). And no, not for the style of game which has been called an adventure shooter (there are puzzles to solve AND you get to pile up bodies 🙂 )

The real reason for all the hubbub is that this game is part of the Play Anywhere line.  It is actually the first in the line. The concept is super simple: one game – two platforms. And n, you do not need to buy two copies. And no, again, they are not separate games.  Buy one copy, play it on the Xbox, go to your office and play it on your computer. Even the saved games cross over so you can literally play anywhere… you have an Xbox or a Windows PC.

Gotta get!!