Recovering from a corrupt profile


During the course of routine operations in any IT organization (and most businesses) changes are made to end-use PCs quite often.  Problems arise at times that can impact user productivity. One of our challenges as IT Pros is getting the user back up and being productive as quickly as possible.  Here is a quick fix for a fairly common problem: the dreaded “You have been logged on with a temporary profile”.  This problem occurs when the user’s profile becomes corrupted.  Any data saved in this temporary profile will be deleted upon the next reboot.  There are many ways to solve this problem but the quickest (and relatively easiest) is as follows:

1)  Logon to the PC using the temporary profile
2) Launch regedit (start – run – regedit)
3) BACKUP THE REGISTRY – although not required for the fix to work it is always a good idea: in the REGEDIT window click file and export.  Save the export – this is your backup copy.  Should things go sideways you can just import the file and your registry will be restored to it’s previous state
4) navigate to: Hive Key Local Machine – Software – Microsoft – Windows NT – Current version – Profile list
5)  This is where the fix happens!  You will see 2 entries with the same GUIDs (that weird sequence of numbers (focus just on the long ones – the short sequence is something different.  In that long sequence there will be two entries that are the same except one will end in “.bak”.
6) Rename the one WITHOUT “.bak” (just change the last digit) and THEN delete the one with “.bak”
7) reboot and login!
Now you can relax and put your feet up 🙂

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