Windows 10: All you need to know (Part 1)


Hi All,

I was recently lucky enough to get to present at a local user group (Ottawa Window Server User Group –  If you were not in the area you really missed out 🙂  I thought I would post the content of the presentation so as to reach out to more people.  It will take several posts as there is lots of content but this should be a fun and informative exercise.  Here goes part 1:

 Start Menu and task bar

Left side – Old start menu: most used, recently used, all programs
Right side – Modern Apps
Customizable size
—Task switcher: Ctrl-Alt-tab
Task view is now an icon on taskbar
—start menu

Power user menu can be accessed via:
— Windows key + X
— also just right click the start menu

power user tools


—Snap assist: sides and corners are all active
Removed charms (yay!)
——Underlined icons are open not just pinned
—Command prompt:
can be resized and use copy/paste
Note that you need to enable the new features by unchecking the “use legacy” option at the bottom of the command prompt window

command prompt


—Tons of great gestures to control your device.  I wont name them all as my good friends The Surface Smiths have a great pod cast that covers this

shameless plug


—All the episodes are great but check out Episode 12 for a run down on the most useful gestures


—Metro apps will run in a window on the desktop

—Universal apps: one app for all devices

—Phone companion app– sync your phone (non-Windows phones) with your PC

—Change default apps: Settings -> system -> Default apps

—Change default browser: control panel -> small icons -> Set your default programs -> find your preferred browser