Windows 10: All you need to know (Part 7)

Getting back into the swing here people. The rust is coming off. I have a plan to post quite a bit more in the coming weeks.  I am planning on a few projects in the next few months (maybe late summer start and work in the fall/winter).  Currently the plan is to build a gaming rig, build a server 2016 box and build a home network.  More details as they come up 🙂
Getting back to the task at hand though… I still have not finished my posts on Windows 10. Here is the next installment: We are Sparta…..n …(the browser)…  This almost deserves a top 10 list of its own.  In fact, that may be another series for me to write 🙂 but for now here are some of my favorite new features

  • The ability to ink (write) on any webpage.  All you need is a touch screen (actually the ability works on any screen but it is far more enjoyable on a touch screen).  All you need to do is click the pen icon in the top right corner and then select your pen/highlighter color and start inking!  You can also add comment-like type boxes and clip portions of the screen
  • So, not specifically a Spartan plus but I am super happy it is there, is the ability to use IE instead of Spartan. Should you have any issues with browsing in Spartan you can always switch back to IE as all versions of W10 also include old faithful
    • An awesome tag team is when you use Spartan as your main browser then you can click the ellipse (the 3 dots …) in the top right corner.  From there you can see a list of options and one of them is the ability to launch an IE session from within Spartan
  • Reading lists are a part of the new browser as well.  Reading lists sync on all your Spartan devices so you can easily find your favorite pages. Also, there is a reading view to make reading long winded blog posts like mine far easier.  Compatible pages will allow a full screen experience while moving away clutter and backgrounds
  • Security is also strengthened. One of the new features I really love is the new pop-up boxes. When opening an external application from within Spartan you will get a pop-up box asking if you want to open the application (or is it some crap-ware that is sneaking its way in)

So that is all for today.  There are tons of new and amazing features in Spartan and we may have to come back to this subject later. Next time we will look at Hyper-V.


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