Getting back into gear

Hi All,

It has been quite a while since my last post.  Sorry about that.  I have had some major changes (new job, starting my own business,…) but thanks to you all and my good friends in the tech market in Ottawa I am still here and still have things to say 🙂

I decided to start back with two quick links.

One of the major changes in the Microsoft world is that we now have 2 shiney new data centers in Canada.  They are setup and services are coming online all the time. This is huge news for many of us who were constrained by fears of the Patriot Act and data sovereignty.  Now that those concerns have been mitigated there is a …void… or more accurately there was a void.  People have spent time/energy/money on building Azure infrastructure in the US datacenters but how to move all that stuff to Canada?

The answer is so easy:

That’s it.  One link. Type it. Scroll down the page and you will see all you need in order to get your data migrated.

And now that you are most likely chomping at the bit for more Azure – here is another great link:

Free Azure. Yup 100% free.  200$ to do with as you please.  Once the trial expires you can either opt to go to a full subscription (and start paying accordingly) or let it expire and you will never see a bill

Thats it for now web-friends

Keep you stick on the ice!