Christmas in July!

Everyone loves getting presents.  That wonderful feeling of not knowing what is inside but being so excited to find out.  Well, lucky you, we have 2 Christmas’ this year!  And the first is only days away.  On July 29th Microsoft is releasing Windows 10.

If you are eager to get started you can join the staff at a Microsoft store near you:

And for all of us IT Pros we should all already know about one of the best Windows blog sites (which also happens to be Canadian):

Windows 10 has a great many new and improved features

1) The start menu is back!  It has a familiar look to Windows 7 but also has some of the modern UI changers introduced in Windows 8

2) Run any app on the desktop!  Launcher (modern) apps and desktop apps can all be run from the desktop! and the new Snap assist makes them look clean and organized

3) a great new layout and improved tool density in the action center. It used to be where we got notifications and managed a few settings but now has more tools then ever before

4) Hardware awareness: As an IT Pro I spend lots of time setting up new computers. Windows 10 has a native feature that is pretty awesome: hardware awareness! It knows (out of the box) what kind of hardware it is being installed on and knows to show/hide things like touch interfaces

5) And last, but surely not leas: Cortana is here!  If you have not had the pleasure – take some time and meet this lovely lady.  She helped Master Chief save the day many times: now she is here for you.  Think of her a really serious personal attendant. She can help you find fruit stands and candy-stores and so much more.  So if you want a candy-covered apple or want to keep up with the weather Cortana is there for you.  The list of things Cortana does is daunting.  Here is another link to a small set of things you can ask her: