Quick and Dirty: Rebooting without interuption

Hello all,

Here is a quick little post that really helped me out this past week.  I had a server that needed some TLC.  Actually, it needed a lot of TLC and numerous reboots. I couldn’t bring down the entire production just to fix a little ‘ol server problem could I?  So here is the answer I found that worked like a charm:  The Registry!  In particular this …particular… entry:

HKLM -> System -> Current Control Set -> Control -> Session Manager -> Pending file rename

Now, here is the answer and the warning: Do NOT delete the key itself – just the contents of the key.  And a further warning: you results may vary: It worked for me but does not always prove to be as beneficial.  However, there is no harm in trying (remember: as long as you don’t delete the key – just the contents!)

Until next time Interwebs!

Office 365 and 64-bit installs

Sounds like it should be easy right? Well, it is.. usually

The normal process is to login to the portal, click the download link and choose 32 or 64 bit install

One Caveat I came across recently is that Microsoft still recommends using the 32-bit client to avoid compatibility issues with 3d party add-ons and the such

Okay, so you still want to install the 64 bit client …but its not there?  Here is a little tip:  It is still there.  Take a look under the Languages settings.  Some of the time (not sure exactly why – browser version,…) it is hidden in there as that opens up the advanced options.  Click that link and you will see the option to download the 64-bit client