The death of Flash

Well, its not dead yet… just mostly dead

Looks like the Creator Update (14997)  will further push Flash usage to the back burner.  With the rise of HTML 5 and some pretty serious security concerns for one of the best features of the web 10-15 years ago, it seems like the days of Flash are numbered.  In Edge, Flash will be blocked automatically

No news on what will happen with IE but then again MSFT has not spoken much of their older child lately… Signs of things to come?

The Death of XP (and Vista too, if you care)

Another nail in the coffin. This time we are looking back fondly at XP (and those 3 Vista users out there, somewhere).  Support for a web giant, Firefox, is going to end on those platforms in the near future.  Microsoft ended its support for XP in 2014 and Vista is set for 2017.  Chrome dropped support last year. Now Mozilla says that Vista support will end in Sept 2017.  Goodbye old friend XP, sorry I never really knew you Vista.

Who knew: Batch file renaming in Windows 10

I nearly fell over my chair (as my wife would say).  I just came across an article that shows how to rename multiple files at the same time… and there is no coding or wizardry required!

  1. Open Explorer in Windows 10
  2. Select all the files
  3. Rename the first one
  4. Hit Enter

Obviously you will need to be a bit careful to only select the files you want and the files will be given an number to identify them based on the selection sequence but… super easy!

Cache is the new OneNote

Okay, so they are both going to be around but I have been hearing lots of hype around this new-kid-on-the-block

Cache is going to be another gathering point.  Unlike OneNote which is intended to contain mostly notes Cache is designed around snippets and uses a project-centric approach.

There are quite a few similarities to OneNote but more details will emerge as the app leaves Beta (if it ever does – this is a Microsoft Garage project after all)

Back in the New Year

Hi Dear Readers,


I took a few weeks off over the holidays and there has been some exciting news.

Here is the big gossip piece:  New Windows 10 build leaked!  Oooohh.. Shiny 🙂

First reported by Windows Central

Here are some of the “reported” newnesses:

1)Folders in the Start Menu Tiles.  You will be able to add folder to the tiles in the Start menu

2) Cortana based setup.  During setup Cortana will be available to help

3) Cortana shortcut.  The Windows Key + C is back!

4) Pause updates. You will now have the option to delay updates by up to 35 days

5) Share UI updates.  Does anyone even use this anymore?  Maybe the update will make it relevant again…

6) Apps moved up in the Settings  Now it can be accessed from the top level of the Settings screen

Back to basics: free learning just in time for Christmas

For lots of Us Windows 10 has become a habit.  The muscle memory from Win 7 days is long gone.  The same is not true for everyone however.  Microsoft has released some nice learning materials for those who are a bit late taking up the charge.

Check out this wonderful presentation if you are new to Windows 10 (or just 10 curious):

Once you have read through the presentation deck you can delve deeper with the Microsoft IT Showcase:

Calling home for the holidays: Use Skype without any strings

Missing loved ones? Have to call Nana to thank for her for that “awesome” sweater.  Now you can use Skype without any account.  The team recently released the functionality to use the web client without having an account.  Just navigate to the page and “Start a Conversation”.  You can IM, voice and video call.  You get all the stuff that a free Skype account would normally give you but the draw back is that you have no contacts so you have to email a link to someone in order for them to connect with you.  Still seems to be a pretty good way to go!  Free calls for the holidays 🙂 …and beyond!

Cortana is an Android ™

Well… she works on Android OS is a more accurate way of putting it.  The app, which can be downloaded from the app store, allows you to push notifications from you mobile device to your Windows 10 desk/lap top device

To get started just follow these steps.
1) Login with your Microsoft account
2) go to the settings menu
3) Select sync Notifications

Microsoft Download Center

In my last post I talked about the Microsoft Update Catalogue which is a fantastic tool for enterprise environments. There is an equivalent tool for home/SMB users as well.   Just search “Microsoft Download Center” or navigate to

From there in the Search box just type the name of the update you are looking for (eg “kb3172605″) and you will get all the articles related to the KB including a link to download the individual fix itself

This is a great way to patch your machines – especially if you have a problematic machine. It has long been a concern of mine that if you use a roll up model but have a machine that can’t install one of the updates what do you do. This clearly addresses the problem and will help me sleep more soundly tonight 😉

Nap time!